Boyle Places to visit

Our location is an ideal base from which to see all the local sights.

King House is two minutes walk away from your accommodation in Boyle. King House Boyle ancestral home of King family King House is a magnificently restored Georgian Mansion built around 1730 by Sir Henry King whose family were one of the most powerful and wealthy in Ireland.

After its first life as a home, King House became a military barracks to the famous Connaught Rangers from 1788 until 1922. In most recent years King House has also been a barracks for the Irish Army.

Today visitors can explore the house and enjoy a range of interactive exhibitions that offer an enchanting view of Ireland's heritage and culture.

Boyle Abbey. An impressive and well preserved Cistercian Monastery (five minutes walk from your accommodation in Boyle), Boyle Cistercian Abbey which was founded in the 12th century under the patronage of the local ruling family, the MacDermotts. Though mutilated during the 17th and 18th centuries when it was used to accommodate a military garrison, Boyle Abbey nevertheless retains its ability to impress the visitor as one of the most formidable of the early Cistercian foundations in Ireland. A restored gatehouse of 16th/17th century houses an exhibition. Restricted access for people with disabilities.

Drumanone Dolmen This Drumanone Dolmen is located outside Boyle. Drumanone Dolmen It is more than 5000 years old is an example of a portal dolmen. The meaning of the word dolmen is a celtic or gaelic word and means a table. It is one of the largest dolmens to be seen in Ireland.

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